Outdoor Photo Spots and Studio Backdrops

Studio Backdrops

These are the various backdrops I have available for photographing with my portable studio. The sizes range from a medium-sized group down to single-person headshot use.

Large- Up to 8 people

Matte Black, Matte White, Greenscreen, Iridescent Red, Black and White Muslin

Medium- Up to 4 people

Black Satin, Dappled Light Grey, Love Letter, Distressed Flag, Teal and Gold (Double-Sided Design), Crushed Velvet

Small- Up to 2 people

White Sheer, Teal and Gold (Double-Sided Design), Black Crushed Velvet

Headshots- 1 person only

Furry White, Wood Planks, Red and White Dots, Black and White Dots, Green Dapple, Dark Grey Dapple, Pastel Stars Batik, Pink and Purple Batik, Light Brown Leather, Dark Brown Leather, Autumn Leaves (Double-Sided Design)